Invisible Dog Fence

You may have heard of an invisible dog fence®. However, you may be wondering, how does an invisable fence work?

You may have heard of an invisible dog fence®. However, you may be wondering, how does an invisable fence work?

An invisible dog fence® is established with 3 main components: the dog fence wire, the collar and the transmitter. The transmitter emits a radio frequency that communicates directly with the wire. The wire defines the boundary of where you want your electric dog fence to be. When your dog wears his special collar, the radio frequency communicates with it as well. There are two metal contact points on the collar that touch the dog’s neck.

As your dog approaches the wire that is buried underneath the ground, the invisible dog fence® triggers an audible tone on the dog’s collar. If he continues on, he will receive a mild static correction. With the help of boundary flags that serve as visual cues, your dog is quickly able to learn where he can go and where he cannot.

Invisible Dog Fence® Wireless

Perhaps you would prefer not having to bury a wire in your yard. In this case, an invisible dog fence® wireless may be right for you. Invisible dog fence installation is super easy with a wireless DIY invisible dog fence.

With this type of fence, instead of a radio signal, the transmitter communicates a Wi-Fi signal that the collar picks up on. This signal is sent out in the form of a circle. This is something you have to consider if you have a rectangular yard. Nevertheless, all you need to do to install it is plug in the transmitter and set the size of the containment circle.

However, a invisible fence for dogs is not designed to work with every home. This is because there are some limitations with it. No aluminum or stucco can be on your home. There cannot be any dense trees or landscaping or sloping on your property. Any of these situations will cause interference with your wireless signal. When you check out wireless invisible dog fence® reviews, make sure that the containment circle is large enough to cover your property.


An invisible dog fence® cost is less expensive than you may think. When you have a DIY invisible dog fence, you save yourself a lot of money over having it professionally installed. Wired and wireless systems generally cost around the same amount of money. Invisible dog fence® installation is not as difficult to accomplish as you may suspect. A wire needs to be buried around the edge of the property and connected to the transmitter.

Looking at invisible dog fence® reviews will give you a better idea of which one will give you what you need, in terms of a fence to cover your needed acreage or handle several dogs at a time.