Advantages of an invisible dog fence

An invisible dog fence is an electronic system which is designed to keep your dog contained within a set boundary without the use of a traditional fence.

An invisible dog fence is an electronic system which is designed to keep your dog contained within a set boundary without the use of a traditional fence. Your dog is required to wear an electronic receiver collar that will deliver a mild electric shock if it roams beyond the set boundary.

If you are in the market sourcing for an underground dog fence, listed here are advantages of this system for your review:


An invisible dog fence is cost-effective

This is probably the biggest plus factor for choosing an invisible dog fence. The cost of an electronic dog fence system as compared to a traditional dog fence system is huge. An electric dog fence can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars.   A typical above-ground fence system would normally cost upwards from $5000 to $10,000.

It is unobtrusive and can be well-hidden

This is the definitive advantage of an invisible fence. The wires are buried under-ground and virtually invisible. Thus it gives an unobtrusive view of your yard as compared to having a physical fence set up. Your dogs can roam around freely within the invisible boundaries you have set and trained them to stay within.  In general your house and the area around it looks aesthetically more appealing wihout physical dog fences.

An electronic pet fence has portability

This is a massive advantage over the traditional fence. You will be able to go traveling with your dogs while carrying the electronic pet fence system with you. You will be able to setup the invisible dog boundary anywhere you go.

An invisible fencing system has superior pet containment

It has superior pet containment when compared against traditional fencing: With traditional fencing, there are some dogs that will damage your expensive erected fences by digging under it, jumping over it or chewing on the wood. In contrast an invisible dog fence does not have this concern as it is hidden from your dogs. With proper training they will be better contained within the boundaries you set.

There are no laws to contend with

There are some cities which have areas where there are laws prohibiting the construction of an above-ground fence around your house. In this case an electronic dog fence will become the most viable option for you to keep your dogs in check.

An invisible fencing system has low maintenance costs

A physical above-ground fence requires more maintenance cost over time. There are times when re-painting is required on your physical fence. You will also need to replace areas of your fence that have grown rusty. For an invisible dog fence the main maintenance is the cost to replace the batteries of your dog collars. New batteries are easy to buy and relatively cheaper than doing a re-touchup of your physical fence.

An electronic dog fence system has ease of installation

You can choose to install an electronic dog fence by yourself to save costs or hire professionals to install them for you. It is relatively easier to set up and install than erecting above-ground dog fence.  There are no woodwork required in this case. It is even easier to install if you have chosen a wireless dog fence as you do not even need to lay wires underground.

An invisible dog fence is a practical and relatively cheaper option for dog owners who wants to ensure that their loved pets are kept within safe boundaries.