Petsafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence Review

The stay + play wireless dog fence is the latest solution in making your pet safe. This system is designed with convenience and also offers all your dogs the freedom to move, play, run and many more without the need for you to bury wires. This stay + play dog fence system is really the best to use for dogs who are fond of running and playing around.


Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence• Suitable for almost most of the dogs – the collar that are included to this system can fit dogs that weighs exactly or more than 5 lbs. and with a 6 to 23 inches neck size.
• Rechargeable – the collar of the system is using a battery that is made of lithium iron and can also be charge. A collar that can be charged fully within 2 to 3 hours and can last for 3 weeks straight.
• Low battery indicator – when the battery of the collar of your dogs is getting low, the battery indicator will create a signal using light flashes after every 5 seconds to make dog owners aware that the collars battery are getting low.
• Waterproof collars – the included collars of the system is really long-lasting and waterproof. The rubber straps that are also included can be detached and changed with any other collar strap that you like.
• Discrete correction levels – the collars that are included in the system has 5 correction levels. Aside from that, every collar is adjustable and can be separately adjusted to match the temperament and size of your dog that are wearing it.
• Power loss alarm – the transmitters of the system are equipped with alarm so it can alert the dog owners every time there is a power loss. If there is power fail that happened, the transmitter will create a sound for about 30 minutes to alarm the owners of the power loss.
• Expandable boundary size – you can add extra transmitter units to increase the size of your field system. So that your dogs will have enough space to play with.
• Field size – the field size of your boundary is adjustable with the use of a knob in the transmitter. Transmitter can commonly create a circular boundary for about ¾ acres, but you can adjust its diameter for a minimum of 17 feet and a maximum of 210 feet.
• Portable – one of the greatest advantages of this system is its portability, because the transmitter only needs a regular outlet that is protected from any other elements for it to function. So you can take it anywhere you want together with your dogs.
• The system also includes 50 training flags, owner’s manual, 1 transmitter, 1 rechargeable collar, long and short probes, 1 charging adapter, probe wrench and test light.

Petsafe stay + play is ideal and perfect to use for all your pet dogs because it can be brought anywhere you and your dogs go. Besides, it can’t cause any kind of harm to your dogs because it is definitely safe to use.