Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless Dog Fence Review

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Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless Dog FenceIf you are looking for portable and wireless dog fence system that can provide you with quick take down and set up features, then Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence could be the perfect and excellent option just for you. By just taking its wireless transmitter plugged-in along with setting the size of radius then that’s it. As long as you’re done doing that then you can start already your dog’s training.

Along with its great features, this one also has its downsides. Some of this includes the protection of the signal that only allows having a shape of a circle ranging 180 feet across about half an acre. Also, another downside if this pertains to the wireless signal variability. No twisting, splicing of digging wire with Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence is a certain convenience but this characteristics compliments with a bit fluctuation of the boundaries that depends on conditions. Moreover, this one have no rechargeable battery on its collar however, instead of rechargeable one it contains a proprietary battery from PetSafe.

Kit inclusion:

• wireless transmitter
• fifty boundary flags
• receiver collar
• power adapter
• tool for test light
• training and operating guide

The collar features:

• Fit for most of the dog types
The receiver collar of Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence is fir for dogs having weighs of eight pounds or higher and with sizes of neck between six and twenty-eight inches.
• Individual levels of correction
Its system can probably handle limitless pet number with each having receiver collar of their own. Each of those receiver collars are capable to set individually with the appropriate level of correction that will fit with the pet that wears it.
• Waterproof
This feature will give you less worries at all regarding with its exposure on wet environment.
• Replaceable battery
This feature has nothing to do with its performance at all. It will just allow the operation to stop once the battery is drained. But still, you can replace it with new one in able for you continue and satisfy its use.
• Low battery life indicator
With this, you can have an early reserve battery so that you can resume its operation whenever the battery in totally drained.
• Long and short probes
Along with the receiver collar, they also provide long and short probes respectively for hairs of your dogs.

The transmitter features:

• Expandable boundary
Containment zone size can probably be increase by simply adding (unlimited) transmitter that will create circles that overlaps.
• Boundary size
By just using the control boundary dial, the containment circle diameter can be made adjustable as well. The transmitter features a maximum value of 90 feet or an approximately half acre in all of directions.
• Portable
One of the key features of Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence is the portability. Its transmitter basically needs just an outlet for its installation process. Thus, this one can be taken along easily and quickly. Also, it can be install wherever you wanted it to be as long as there’s an outlet and power source.

Other important and useful features:

• lifetime warranty (limited)

For a reliable, portable and wireless fencing system for your dogs, Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence is the perfect choice for you. With its great features that it can give you, this could probably great especially if you are traveling very often with your pet dogs.