Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence Review

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Motorola Wireless Travel Electric Dog FenceWhen travelling or just walking alongside with your dog, it is important that you keep them close to you and you can control them efficiently. The dog’s behaviour changes most especially if they are not in their boundary or they are with their owner during vacation, trips or camping. Today, ensuring that your dog will always stay on their containment area and they will not attempt to reach their boundary zone is now made easy through the use of this Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence. As the name suggests, it is provided by Motorola – one of the leading providers of technology like gadget and other devices.

Motorola offers the best wireless invisible dog fence system in town and this system provides you the assurance you can take this wherever you go. After doing the initial training of your dog, expect that they can easily respond to warning tones coming from new location prior to the static correction. Also, with 15- level stimulation, you can quickly choose the level that is right and suitable for your dog. You can choose from gentle to higher level especially if you have independent or stubborn breed or you are in a dangerous situation. This is completely portable so you can take this during your family vacation. In the box, it comes along with travel bag to ensure portability as well as rechargeable battery that can be used for more than 36 hours.

As to the installation of this Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence, there are several considerations that you need to take into account as this will enable to ensure the functionality of the dog fence system. Here are as follows:

• In the boundary area where you wish to install this system, make sure that vehicles, metal building, and large objects will be excluded.
• Make sure that there will be no severe sloping because this will affect the efficiency of the wireless signal.
• The boundary area must also have its minimal landscaping.
• You need to make sure also that the area does not have stucco or aluminium as this can affect the performance of the transmitter, invisible wire and collar.

These are the important reminders that you need to consider in the installation of this wireless fence. If you want to know the specification of this dog fence system, here are as follows:

• 2.4 Gigahertz Radio Frequency (RF) technology
• Operation range can last for more than 150 feet sight line
• Depending on the usage, the collar battery life can last for over 96 hours
• This can be used even for two dogs provided that there is an extra travel collar 50
• The correction mode comprised of vibration, warning tone, and 15 static levels.
• Its collar makes use of a Li-ion battery that is rechargeable.
• Also, depending on its usage, fence unit battery can be used for more than 48 hours.

These are the specification of this Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence. When you purchase this product, make sure that you check the box. It should include M/L contact points, S contact points, adapter, 10 inches boundary bags (50 pack), and travel bag.