Havahart Wireless Radial Shape 2 Dog Fence Review

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Similar with the systems of the Perimeter Technologies, the Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence also uses WiFi technology that allows 2-way of communication between collar/s and base station. However, unlike with the perimeter technologies, its collar possesses a bit clunky and bigger feature. The collar is probably power-driven by the rechargeable batteries inside of it. This collar basically provides 5 correction level that are individually adjustable and capable of handling 2 collars at the same time.

One clear and major advantage of this Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence over competition is its reliability when it comes to signal. Its system probably boasts a signal range of about 400 feet. While this one can be accurate on flat, unobstructed and optimal situations, in the reality its signal can be most reliable only bout under 250 feet. Its collar also features 2 external antennae that seems effective regarding with the increase of reliability and consistency of boundary signals along with keeping the times of correction delay in minimum state.

Kit inclusion:

• WiFi collar and base station
• two rechargeable batteries
• boundary flags (75)
• wall charger
• collar tester
• mounting hardware for base station
• long and short prongs
• instructional manual

The collar features:

Havahart Wireless Radial Shape 2 Dog Fence• Long and short prongs
Along with its collar comes a two sets of prongs, one is for long and other is for short dog’s hair.
• low battery like indicator:
Whenever the battery of the collars gets low, it will allow you to know so that you can have it recharged already.
• Rechargeable battery
With the two rechargeable lithium ion batteries that Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence that can provided, you can continuously enjoy its performance because you can use it while the other in being recharged.
• Waterproof
This feature probably makes the Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence collar safe from damage that can be brought by liquid or water penetration inside of it.
• Superior signal
Its system offers a much better signal reception as compared with most of the wireless dog fencing system available. The embedded 2 external antennae on it is designed to promote a better reception as well.
• Five individual levels of correction
Its collar offers five independently and adjustable levels of correction for each and every collar inside the system. Moreover, its system can house two collars at the same time.

The base station features:

• Boundary size
The circular boundary radius is set with a maximum range of 400 feet. However, its system performs at its best when it is set under 300 feet.
• WiFi technology
This feature simply allows a two-way communication between the collar/s and the base station.
• LCD control display
The controls of the base station will allow you to set the correction level and the boundary size with the use of LCD display menu.

Other important and useful features:

• one year warranty
The Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence offers a one-year full warranty in purchasing this product.

If you want your dog fencing system to be a reliable and sophisticated with the use of Wireless and WiFi technology to make your system much better, then this Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence is simply the perfect system that will suit your dog fencing needs and concerns.