Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence Review

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Elite Little Dog In-ground FenceMost of the regular kind of dog fence system is too powerful and too big especially for dogs that weigh less than 15 lbs. That feature problem is the specialty of Elite Little Dog In-Ground Dog Fence. This dog fence system has a lower level of correction. It comes also with lightest and smallest receiver kind of collar that anyone can find in the industry.

The collar that it offers is very perfect in giving comfort to dogs that are right down in a toy breed size. This is very ideal for those multi-dogs found in every household where dogs varied in sizes due to the compatible system that it has. It has also PRO-Grade kind of system that allows for upgrading the surge protection and wire having a warranty that gives an assurance in getting the most of this system.

Collar Features

Compatible with Indoor Pet Barrier

The collar of this product is very much compatible with the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence (PIRF – 100). This will allow you to keep the dog off easily at certain furniture or out of the specific areas in the house

Smallest Collar

It only weighs 2 ounces, an Elite Little kind of dog receiver that this collar has the lightest, smallest collar which is available. This is specifically designed for little dogs. It is considered to be the one and only collar that suits to dogs having a weight of 5 lbs.

Only Standard Contact Points

This product comes with a high length standard with contact points. Its length contacts gives fine feeling and comfort for dogs to short and average coat lengths. But if the dog has thick or long hair you may likely need a longer kind of contact points. You can have this upon the purchase of this product.

Individual Correction Levels

The level of correction control can be found in the collar itself that is why every collar found on this system may have its own level of correction setting. It makes this product to be highly perfect to multi-dogs with varying sizes found in every home.
Proprietary Battery

Its small collar has great number of perks but it is not having the feature of rechargeable battery. But its collar has the proprietary battery for PetSafe. The battery that it has can last for at least 100 days.

Transmitter Features

One of the finest features of this product is its inter-compatibility which makes it very suitable for those households’ dogs with varying sizes. This can be easily installed thru the use of its inclusive receiver collar intended for the small breed of dogs.

Another good thing about this transmitter is the width of its boundary zone which is generally 3-5 ft. for most of the installations. The system allows the user in choosing the width of boundary. Dog owner may set its boundary to anything from few inches into 10 ft. this will only depend on the likelihood of dog in trying to run thru as well as the available space.